About my Art

People and animals. Colour and imagination. I paint semi-realistic figures and also figures purely from imagination. When I draw from imagination, I love the total freedom in choosing forms and colours. When I paint from photo references, I enjoy attempting to achieve a realistic figure, although I often use imaginative colours to do this.

I love experimenting with various mediums.  At present,  I tend to work in wax crayons (neocolor 1) because I love their  intense colours and also because there is no mixing involved,  which means I can work quickly to an end result.

I arrived at my style partially via an admiration of works by Picasso, such as 'Seated woman, 1937' and 'Portrait of Marie Therese Walter, 1937', and partially from my own love of colour and of  portraying animal subjects.

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Some of my art is featured in the book: 'Contemporary painters' by Kracun and McFadden.

My art work appeared in the July issue, page 42,  of 'Women in art' at

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