Monday, 22 May 2017

collage and paint

A small collage piece.

'Mother and child', collage and paint, A4 card.


Collage on Sunday.

Yesterday, I thought I'd do a collage as a warm-up exercise for 15 mins, but got engrossed and spent all morning doing it.

I used a piece of watercolour paper (6 by 8 ins.), which had some brusho on it...spread PVA over it and glued down some  random black and white patterned papers...added some red acrylic paint, then swiped away some of the paint in shapes.  

The shapes looked rather like 2 figures so I added white paint to the figures and more collage papers and paint on the background.  Next, some pen lines to give the faces features.  I mounted the 6 by 8 ins piece on  A4 card added, collaged papers around the edge for a border, painted the border red, and it was done.

It was enjoyable to do as there was no plan...a bit of free-wheeling always feels good to me.


Susie is attempting to get my attention by lying in front of the computer, giving me a paw-shake.

Have a great day!



Valerie-Jael said...

Lovely art, it's always good just to have fun playing. Susie is pawesome! Hugs, Valerie

Jan said...

Art should be fun and enjoyable...especially when you are having a great time being creative and this piece turned out wonderful and fun!!!

Giggles said...

What a great intuitive piece! I almost feel like it is speaking to you! Does some young person have their arms open to you? Wonderful work...and adorable Susie!! Animals keep life fun and interesting!!

Hugs Giggles

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

lots of great shapes and figures on the card. very apt for what has been on the news lately

Jackie P Neal said...

Digging your collage piece! Isn't it something how the art just pulls you in and keeps you engrossed for hours?