Wednesday, 14 June 2017

African woman in head-wrap scarf

Watercolour portrait practice.

'Botswana woman wearing head wrap', watercolours, 8 by 6 ins., paper.

 Susie's new playpen.

How to play in a cat playpen.


I got out my box of watercolour paints this week to do some portrait practice.  I haven't used watercolour in ages.

I tried a palette of mostly earth colours which was a bit of a change for me.  For this woman, I used the following:  gold ochre, burnt sienna, burnt umber, alizarin crimson and french ultramarine.  I like this mix of colours for her brown skin tones.

This is the same woman as in this month's blog header.  (Inspired by photos of African/Botswana woman by Annie Hamman in LFI17 course).

Susie's news.

As you can see from Susie's photos, she has a new toy, which she loves to play in ...mainly around 11 pm...a night toy.

Have a great week,

Bye for now.

June and Susie.

Friday, 9 June 2017

Mission Inspiration journal page

Journal page for the Mission Inspiration art journal group on Facebook.

Art Journal page, Mission Inspiration, June 2017

This journal page was done following steps outlined in the Mission Inspiration journal group for the month of June.  It was good to relax and follow precise instructions for a change.

(The photo of the cat was from wetcanvas photo library).


1. Facebook group here:  missioninspiration

2. video for missioninspiration  :for the steps for this month's challenge.

Have a great weekend.

Bye for now!

Monday, 5 June 2017

International Soul Art Day

Gallery of work by various artists.

LINK:   soulartday

The colourful drawing of my hands is in this gallery.  Click link above to view the art from around the world.

It was a fun day with instructions on how to make the art for the day.

I think they have a soul art day every year.

Here's an update on my child with bird painting.

'Watch the birdie', wax crayons, 11 by 14 ins., bristol paper.

I tweaked it a little.


Have a good week.  

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

African grey parrot, and friend.


'African grey parrot and friend', acrylics, 14 by 11 ins, paper.

I like the idea of combining realism with more abstract patterned approaches to portraits. So this is a practice with a slightly more realistic treatment of colour for the portrait.

(The female was inspired by a photo image of an African woman from Annie Hamman, an artist on the LFI 17 course.)

Many people keep these friendly parrots as pets, but they are on the endangered list in their native African habitat.

Bye for now!

Friday, 26 May 2017

pieces for online art events

My recent pieces for online art events.

'My hands', soul art day, Facebook event.

Value study, beeswax mixed media, for 'lets face it 17' course.

Susie waiting for the ball to come around on the wheel.

1. Soul art day.

We had to trace around a body part and use images we liked to add to the composition.  I have a little barbary macaque there who has sprouted wings.  He looks as if he is meditating, so I guess meditating gives you wings.  Little dreaming monkey!

2. Lets face it 17- portrait course online.

This beeswax mixed media was a study in values, using beeswax as a final coat.  

3. Susie.

Waiting patiently to play with her wheel toy.  She now cries in the morning for 3 things and won't be settled till she gets them:  wet food in her dish, dry food to forage from toys all around the flat, a trip outdoors in her stroller!

Have a happy weekend!

Bye for now.

June and Susie.

Monday, 22 May 2017

collage and paint

A small collage piece.

'Mother and child', collage and paint, A4 card.


Collage on Sunday.

Yesterday, I thought I'd do a collage as a warm-up exercise for 15 mins, but got engrossed and spent all morning doing it.

I used a piece of watercolour paper (6 by 8 ins.), which had some brusho on it...spread PVA over it and glued down some  random black and white patterned papers...added some red acrylic paint, then swiped away some of the paint in shapes.  

The shapes looked rather like 2 figures so I added white paint to the figures and more collage papers and paint on the background.  Next, some pen lines to give the faces features.  I mounted the 6 by 8 ins piece on  A4 card added, collaged papers around the edge for a border, painted the border red, and it was done.

It was enjoyable to do as there was no plan...a bit of free-wheeling always feels good to me.


Susie is attempting to get my attention by lying in front of the computer, giving me a paw-shake.

Have a great day!


Friday, 12 May 2017

Not much art this week

Some small bits only.

'A gentleman caller', ATC.

'She shall have music wherever she goes', ATC.


Susie says 'Hi!'

Very little art done this week due to an attack of food poisoning on Wednesday.  I was laid low for two days but I feel better today, although still shaky.

The tag and ATCs were done at the beginning of the week.


These were a simple matter of collaging some doodles from a few years ago onto some pre-coloured backgrounds.


This particular tag design was inspired from a youtube video  by  +Susanne Rose

Susie's news

Susie was supposed to go to the vet on Wednesday but since I was ill she didn't go.  I made an appointment for next week.

Hope you are all well.  Take care and have a good weekend.

Bye for now.