Friday, 22 September 2017

Mikado- watercolour girls.

A group of figures in watercolour.

 'Mikado-girls,' watercolour/mixed media, 10 by 15ins, mixed media paper.

Inspired by a photo on wetcanvas.

I thought I'd try a group of figures using the  'watercolour with chalk paint combo'  from last time.

I used the chalk paint at the end of the watercolour painting to blur the edges of the dresses.  But you could always blur the watercolour by softening the edges with water to keep a pure watercolour effect.  

The advantage of the chalk paint for me is a feeling that if the watercolour doesn't work, you can 'save' it at the end by using the opaque chalk paints.  It makes me feel less worried about ruining work, and so gives a feeling of freedom when painting.  Watercolour so often ends up in the bin.  With opaque paint as part of your technique,  you can rescue them!!

In the 'Mikado-girls', I also used watercolour pigment markers (Winsor and newton) for some floral details, and a white pen for some scribbles.   So really,  a mixed media work in the end.

Have a lovely weekend!

Bye for now.....

P.S. I did this for the online class 'Fancy Lassies' by Kate Thompson.

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Link to song Three little maids from school, The Mikado

three little maids song

I first saw the Mikado operetta when I was in my first year at high school.  The senior pupils put on a lavish production and I was in awe at my first live opera performance.  Three little maids...its a gleeful song. Thanks Jennifer for reminding me of the words!!