Friday, 2 December 2016

Game of chess

Art from this week.  Plus a couple of photos of Susie, Kitty.

1. 'Game of chess', collage and acrylics, 12 by 12 ins., paper

2. 30 days art journal, mixed media

3. Susie at play

4. Susie at play with catnip toy

Well, that was a fast week.  I didn't get much done, and I am now behind with the art journal challenge.

The painting of the chess game started out as a collage of ripped up gelli deli prints. I saw the figures in the pieces and then used acrylics and some pen to define them.  I wasn't happy with the collaged background as the figures didn't stand out and so I used white to 'erase' the background around the figures.  Then I painted the chequer board floor pattern...with 'creative' perspective.

I may re-do this painting with more precise perspective detals later on, if I get around to it.

The prompts for the 30 day challenge were: sports (not my thing) and faith.  So I listed the sports I played at high school and which I have never played since then.  And for faith/spirituality, I put 'freedom'.

To finish, here are a couple of shots of Susie with her fancy new toys.  She does love them, but guess what.... a piece of string is still her favourite!!

Have a great weekend!



Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Susie kitty photos

Some new photos of Susie.

I got Susie a roller ball toy from Amazon and these are a couple of pix of her 'in action' playing with the toy.

I posted a short video to youtube of her at play.


Catch you later!

Friday, 25 November 2016


30 days of art journalling prompt.

art journal, mixed media

The prompt was for advice you'd been given.  Well I couldn't think of anything offhand and so I did this page instead.  Still, to believe is good advice I think.

Have a great weekend.



Thursday, 24 November 2016

30 days of art journalling

Managed a little art journalling this week.

1.Tag, art journal pages.

2. Tag, art journal pages, back of tag

3. Susie on the bed

4. Susie on my chair

1. and 2,  Prompt- make a tag.

3 and 4.  Some more photos of my new kitten Susie.

Susie- like me- is a TV addict.  She is glued to the box when cat programmes come on.  Trying to catch the cats that run off to the side and off the screen.  When dogs come on, she fluffs up her fur and tail and runs sideways in that cat fear-threat posture that is very comical.  But its good to know all her cat instincts are working perfectly!!

Hope you have a lovely weekend.  I am off to play 'chase the string' game with Susie.

You can see her playing here:

Sunday, 20 November 2016

Meet my new kitty, Susie

Here are some photos of my new kitten.

I went to my local cat rescue, Penn Cat Rescue, to choose a new pet.

Meet Susie, my tabby kitten.  She's about 5 months old.  She took around an hour to run about checking everywhere before she settled on my office chair to sit and eventually grab a catnap!!

She likes to play, likes a tickle and uses her litter tray a lovely little lady!!

Bye for now.

Friday, 18 November 2016

In the loris garden

Explorations with collage and paint.

'In the loris garden', collage and acrylics, 12 ins. by 12 ins., paper

Art journal page, 30 days of art journalling project on facebook

1. In the loris garden.

This painting started out by collaging gelli prints to white paper.
I then  looked for images in the patterns and discovered the little man on the left first of all.  He was actually facing the other way but I reversed him so that he would look into the painting.

After this, it was a case of painting and collaging until it looked reasonably OK.

I think of it as an exploration of art journalling techiques ....but used in paintings for hanging on the wall.

There's things I like and things I don't like about this one but all in all I will try more of these.

I discovered that using the brayer, or roller, really helps with adhering the deli paper to the paper surface.  In previous attempts, my collage had bumps and wrinkles which is OK for art journalling but not what I want for a wall painting.


2. Art journal prompt: letter to younger self.  ( Allyson Bright's class).

The writing on my page says: 'You will get through this..and be stronger than before.'

It was about a particularly bad experience in my thirties which I thought at the time that I would never escape.  The letter was to be an encouragement to the younger self.  After I did this page, I slept for 12 hours!

Hope you are having a great week.

Bye for now....


paint party friday

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Swan mandala

Some art pages from this week.

A mandala and some art journal pages.

The second image was a prompt from a 30 days of journalling...paint the smell you associate with home.  I chose the smell of making jam in my grandma's kitchen.

I can see in my mind...the big jam pan filled to the brim with bubbling sugar and blackish-blue blaeberries.  Blaeberry is the Scots language version of blueberry.  We used to pick them in the woods...growing wild.

These days, we realise blueberries are a 'health' food, full of anti-oxidants and good for eye health!!

Its difficult to concentrate on this post as I am listening to Leonard Cohen songs and they are beautiful and distacting.

Bye for now.

Have a great week.

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