Thursday, 29 September 2016

29 faces project finished

Last day for #29faces project.  Here is my catch-up for this week.  Some graphite pencil and colour pencil studies.

 'Curly Sue- left side', graphite, sketchbook. Face 24.

'Curly Sue, left side', cp, sketchbook. Face 25.

'Curly Sue, right side', graphite, sketchbook. Face 26.

'Curly Sue, right side', cp, sketchbook. Face 27.

'Japanese statue, profile', pencil, sketchbook. Face 28.

'Japanese statue',pencil, sketchbook. Face 29.

'Curly Sue' was inspired by reference photos on wetcanvas.  The Japanese lady was drawn from a small statue figurine in my studio.

The end of the project.  I have enjoyed the challenge: especially attempting to use materials I don't usually use such as brusho and colour pencil.

It would be good to do further work with faces using various materials/mediums.

I already feel this practice has improved my ability to 'see' faces and details of the planes, shadings, and other characteristics.  I think this will be very helpful for future work,both in a realistic portrait style and for imaginative drawings of people.

Thanks to Ayala Art for suggesting and hosting this project.


Bye for now.

Friday, 23 September 2016

Sports day

#29 faces.  Paint party Friday.  More faces....

Sunny sports day at school, watercolours, 11 by 7.5 ins., paper.  Face 23.

Movie star wannabe, colour pencils, 9 by 6 ins. journal. Face 22.

Little boy, graphite pencil, 9 by 6 ins.,  journal. Face 21.

Face 21: Outline study from a reference photo on wetcanvas.

Face 22: Sketch practice from imagination using colour pencils.  I have 2 small sets of polychromos and luminance pencils and both are very creamy and a delight to use as they glide over paper. Colour pencils were my colour medium of choice at school. I almost never use them these days.  So it will be good to do more with this medium, especially using richer depth of colour.

Face 23: Watercolour sketch to capture the sunlight at a school sports day.  Photo reference from wetcanvas.  

At secondary school,  I had a very sportsy best friend and she inspired me to join in games with her at school.  So I tried everything ...swimming team, hockey team, relay races, long jump, table tennis.  I am glad I did because now I have all those memories.  However.... I grew up to be 'bookish'.

Were you a sportsy type?

Whatever your bag, have a great weekend!

Bye for now...


Tuesday, 20 September 2016

2 men in head gear

#29faces.  Some catch-up for the #29faces project.

Man in hat, graphite, 7 by 5 ins., paper. Face 17

White butterfly, acrylics, 8 by 8 ins., journal, Face 18

Stripey jumper, pen and pan pastels, A4, journal. Face 19

Man in turban, ink and pan pastels, 8 by 8 ins.,  journal. Face 20

Here are my catch-up faces for this week.

The 2 men are from reference photos in wetcanvas.  It was interesting to practice male portraits.  Female faces tend to dominate my art work.

Face 17:  Man in hat.  Here I concentrated on tonal information.  Shading is useful information for a future painting.

Face 18: Here I was trying out my new bottle of crackle medium (by Folk Art: Plaid USA).  I like the pronounced crackle effects of this medium, used in the background.

Face 19: Here I tried out the combination of pen for the outlines and pan pastels for the colour.  I am still trying to get the hang of blending this medium.  I think it would be good to try pan pastels over watercolour next.

Face 20: In this one, I tried light washes of black ink for the shading before adding the pan pastel colours.  I think I should have left more white for the light time I will.

So now I am caught up.

Have a great week!!


Friday, 16 September 2016

Girls in hats

#29faces.  More experiments with media.

In the park, (outline drawing)  pencil, 11 by 8 ins., W/C paper Face 14.

In the park, brusho crystals, 11 by 8 ins., W/C paper. Face 15.

Girl in hat, watercolour pencil, 11 by 8 ins., cartridge paper. Face 16.

Face 14: I am counting the outline drawing for the  'in the park' watercolour painting as face 14 this week in order to get up to date with faces for the 29 faces project.  Graphite pencil.

Face 15:  I wanted to try out Brusho colour crystals by Colourcraft company.

These crystals are scary to use...more or less uncontrollable.  However, once I got past the tension in using them, I rather liked them.  It will take a few more attempts to get confident with them.  

They give a neat loose watercolour effect. 

Face 16: The final face was to try out caran d'ache watercolour pencil in black.  I could have used stabilo but stabilo is much blacker in effect than the caran d'ache, and so I think  it would be better used in stronger or more dramatic subjects, 

Have a happy weekend.


P.S. These girls were inspired by 2 photos in wetcanvas

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

some faces, catch up.

#29faces.  This weeks art work so far.

'Butterfly garden, mixed media, craft paper, A4

'Green sundress', gouache and pan pastels, 10 by 8 ins., paper

'Renaissance fair lady', pastels pencils, A4. pastel paper

'Bantock park man', graphite pencil, 5 by 4 ins., sketchbook paper.

Butterfly garden:  distress inks, pan pastels and other inks.  Surface was a yellow ochre craft paper.  Its a very nice paper for making tags etc.  Unfortunately, the shop where I bought the pad is gone. 

Green dress:  Gouache on girl, pan pastels for the blue background.  I don't use gouache much but I have a lovely box of caran d'ache gouache bought several years ago and it might be a good idea to get them out more often and upgrade my skills with this medium.

Renaissance lady: pastel pencils.  A bit messy to use.  Another medium I don't use much.  I used the trois crayon colour scheme ( sanguin, white, black), used by artists of the I thought it fitted the Renaissance theme.  This drawing was based on a photo of a lady in the RIL at wetcanvas

Bantock park man: good old HB pencil!  Sketch based on a photo I took myself, a few years ago.

These are faces 10, 11, 12 and 13 for the #29faces project this month.  Good to keep practising...even when not in the mood.

Thanks for looking/commenting.

Bye for now.

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Friday, 9 September 2016

Black top

#29faces,  paintparty friday!

'Girl in a black top', oil pastels and india ink, 12 ins square, paper, face 9

'Dreams of flight', gel pens, A5, face 8

Materials explored: gel pens for line drawing in face 8. Using Canson drawing paper. A whimsical doodle.

A combination of oil pastels with India ink in face 9.  I used wall lining paper from Poundland here. It has a slight tooth which is good for Op and its a decent thickness for taking ink washes.  Best of all it is only £1 for a roll of a few metres, which you can cut into different sizes.  Good for practice drawing.

Face 9 was inspired by a photo in the reference library on

Have a lovely weekend, whatever you decide to do.

Bye for now.


Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Fashion statement: hooded

#29faces,  no 7, watercolours.

'Fashion statement: hooded', watercolours, 10 by 8 ins., paper

I tried a more realistic style for today's face no 7.  

This is a small watercolour painting... inspired by a photo in the wetcanvas reference library. 

I liked her stripey jacket with hood.  This image would look really good in other media too, I think.

The new thing I used today was a ruling pen to apply masking fluid is so easy to use, much cleaner than using a brush.  I'm glad I bought one at last.

Till later.  Bye for now.